Friday, 23 of March of 2018

Baby Rock

Just do the baby rock
Don’t try and watch the clock
Or the screaming will not stop
Do the baby rock

Pick him up to shoulder height
Step left and jiggle right
Shimmy and shake all night
Do the baby rock

Do the baby rock
Rock yourself to sleep
Do the baby rock
Our only chance to keep
The peace –
Let the screaming cease
Do the Baby Rock

Hey little baby what’s the fuss
Why are you taking it out on us
Mommy gave you milk, Daddy changed your diaper
What are we doing to make you hyper

We must be doin’ it wrong
We’re bouncin’ all night long
And you keep screamin’ along
Do the baby rock

Bounce your arms a bit
Just dance and do not sit
Now daddy’s havin’ a fit
Do the baby rock


Copyright (C) 2001 by Steven Brant. All rights reserved