Thursday, 21 of February of 2019

Ground Zero

The assassins are laughing in their gaudy masquerade
While we’re staring from the sidewalks at the horrors on parade
All of us get spattered when the butchers ply their trade
They say it’s nothing personal, it’s how the game is played
Just cast the victims as the catalysts of violence
And pay the butcher’s bill with stolen coins of silence
But I don’t believe they will find heaven as big heroes
When the truth cries from the rubble at Ground Zero

The pessimists and pundits claim we’ve lost our confidence
They’re deluded with despair and all it represents
Our children will be challenged to regain their innocence
We’ll put conviction in our voice and trust the future perfect tense
We’ll have rebuilt the dreams some say lie tattered
And forged a monument to memories now shattered
Though unhappy is the land that needs its heroes
We will all stand together at Ground Zero

We are all, all at Ground Zero
We are all, all at Ground Zero

Copyright (C) 2002 by Steven Brant. All rights reserved.