Saturday, 21 of July of 2018

Mild Thing

Born to run but I mostly walk
Built for action but I mostly talk
I do the mild thing

Got reading glasses but never saw it coming
Used to race against the wind – when did I stop running
To do the mild thing?

I was dancing in the street
I was born to be wild
All I needed was love
Now I turn to my child
Don’t do what your daddy did
Can I keep a straight face when I counsel my kid?
Or will she force me to smile, and say
I do the mild thing
These days I do the mild thing

Must have missed it – when did I grow up?
Is life faster or did I slow up?
I do the mild thing

Radio today has no explanation
For why the only real music’s on an oldies station
Called the mild thing

Copyright © 2001 by Steven Brant. All rights reserved.