Thursday, 22 of August of 2019

Politics as Unusual

Here are some tracks from our CD Politics as Unusual on Independent Records.

Acoustic Music with Electric Instruments
If you like these songs, please buy the CD – higher quality, more songs, we get a few bucks for our work, and you’re supporting independent music. In the meantime, you may save these to your hard disk, but they remain all under our copyright: Copyright (C) and (P) 2004 by Steven Brant; all rights reserved.

Red States Blue States
It’s My Flag Too (1.2MB): The red-state Rushsters have tried to demonize everything we stand for. But they can’t have my heart, and they can’t have my flag – our flag – anymore! (Click here for lyrics.)

Dark Ride (1.9MB): Can you believe these guys? A dark ride is a scary thing… until you figure out how they pull off those special effects. (Click here for lyrics.)

Bizarro World (1.8MB): Things happen differently there…. (Click here for lyrics.)

This Meeting Is Canceled (1.5MB): Love is just another Outlook task.(Click here for lyrics.)

39 Years (2.0MB): For two years, Steven watched a man helping his Alzheimer’s wife go for a walk, sometimes five or six times a day. Then one day they were gone. (Click here for lyrics.)