Saturday, 21 of July of 2018

Dark Ride

It’s a haunted house, it’s a tunnel of love
You’ve been waiting all your life and now here it comes
Suddenly you’re plunging through the dark
The operator says, We got another mark
On this dark ride
It’s a dark ride

Do you have just a moment of doubt
As you turn each corner something new jumps out
Don’t these horrors have to end sometime
And you say to yourself, It’s only a ride
Only a dark ride
It’s a dark ride

Yellowstone ripped by snowmobiles
Illegal tariffs on lumber and steel
Fair and balanced news, hey tell me another
The White House and the press embedded undercover
On a dark ride

Treaties are for losers, he pulls out of Kyoto
Let’s speculate on oceanfront in Ohio
Remember Enron? How quick we forget!
They turned a record surplus to a record debt
To buy this dark ride

They cut taxes on the rich and on businesses
So we can’t pay for government services
No estate tax for American royalty
They charge opponents with disloyalty

People held without trial under the Patriot Act
So he lands on a carrier to distract
Us from a war that was launched without a plan
No stem cells, no choice ’cause he’s a family man

Those Hummers need gas so they tear up the North Slope
What were you thinking when you cast your vote
You can’t wake up, and there’s nowhere to hide
Or do you still believe it’s only a ride
Just a dark ride
It’s a dark ride

When the night turns to shades of monochrome
And you’re peeking through the covers of your bed at home
The operators turn on the light
You can see all the garbage they keep out of sight
On the dark ride
It’s a dark ride
It’s a dark ride.

Copyright (C) 2003 by Steven Brant. All rights reserved.