Saturday, 21 of July of 2018

It’s My Flag Too

I am a child of Washington
It’s my flag too
Of Lincoln and King and Jefferson
It’s my flag too
We’re taking it back; we should have done it before
Can’t leave you alone with it anymore
This country is both mine and yours
It’s my land too
And it’s my flag too

You can say what you like; now give me the same respect
It’s my flag too
Didn’t your mama teach you manners or did you forget
It’s my flag too
There are phony newsmen on the TV
Shouting down those who disagree
Is that your vision of democracy?
You’ll hear my voice too
It’s my flag too

It’s my flag too
It’s my flag too
I am red, white, and blue
As American as you
You want someone to blame
So you call me names
Play patriot games
Do you have no shame?
If you shout loud enough what do you think you’ll win?
I am you beneath the skin
I am American
And it’s my flag too

You can threaten me till the day is done
It’s my flag too
What’s it take to remind you these colors don’t run
It’s my flag too
Folded flag, mother’s tears at a funeral
Some sons return but this one never will
Don’t you dare make death political
He was my son too
It’s my flag too.

Copyright (C) 2003 by Steven Brant. All rights reserved.