Saturday, 21 of July of 2018

This Meeting Is Canceled

This meeting is canceled due to inclement weather
That wasn’t on my forecast or chart
After all of the seasons that we’ve been together
I wasn’t ready for this storm in your heart
I read the EMail, now I’m on my own
Indefinitely postponed

This meeting’s been canceled due to other appointments
Can’t believe that you were already booked
I wrote it off as a fly in the ointment
It turned into red ink that I overlooked
You can’t hold a meeting all alone
Indefinitely postponed

It used to be a standing commitment
We swore our calendars were entwined
You no-show, I don’t know what it meant
When you declined

This meeting is canceled because of a conflict
I always thought that we could work it out
But in an ocean of choices the one that you picked
Is the I cannot live without
Can’t update my contacts if you won’t give me your phone
Indefinitely postponed
I’ve checked my schedule; this meeting’s no longer shown
Indefinitely postponed

Copyright (C) 2004 by Steven Brant. All rights reserved.