Thursday, 22 of August of 2019

Sometimes a Great Nation

Here are some tracks from our most recent CD, Sometimes a Great Nation, on Independent Records.

If you like the songs, please buy the CD — higher quality, more songs, we get a few bucks for our work, and you’re supporting independent music. In the meantime, you may save these to your hard disk, but they remain under our copyright: Copyright (C) and (P) 2005-2010 by Steven Brant; all rights reserved.


Goodbye Song (1.5MB): The earth abides; relationships don’t. (Click here for lyrics.)

Run for Your Life (1.9MB): “You’d better run for your life; your boyfriend wants you back.” (Click here for lyrics.)

Slow Motion Coup d’Etat (2.4MB): Suppose they gave a coup and no one noticed…. (Click here for lyrics.)

The Frog (1.3MB): Did ya hear the one about the frog thrown in a pot and then they turned up the heat? By the way, is it getting warm in here or what? (Click here for lyrics.)